Episode 7: Justin Morris

When not demonstrating his shadow-puppet mastery to passing strangers, Justin Morris is working for Microsoft as a Microsoft Teams Meeting Ranger helping customers get the most out of Teams. Justin is a former Microsoft MVP for Unified Communications, comes from a consulting and architectural background, and you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter. InContinue reading “Episode 7: Justin Morris”

Episode 6: Angela Bos

When not having issues with the size of furniture in IKEA, Angela Bos is a Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, and comes from a tech background working as a Presales Consultant and Technical Specialist in the Microsoft Unified Communications space. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. Angela is a champion for Diversity &Continue reading “Episode 6: Angela Bos”

Episode 5: Samit Saini

When not being photobombed by Satya Nadella, Samit Saini is a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications working as the Power Platform Administrator at Heathrow Airport. You can find Samit on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and his story is quite frankly one of the most inspiring I have had the pleasure to hear. 2 years agoContinue reading “Episode 5: Samit Saini”

Episode 4: Gregor Suttie

When not stalking Scott ‘The Godfather’ Guthrie and not letting him leave without a photo (can you see the silent call for help behind the forced smile?) Gregor Suttie is a Microsoft MVP for Azure currently working as an Azure Architect for Intercept, a Microsoft Consulting firm. Greg blogs at https://gregorsuttie.com/, he co-runs the GlasgowContinue reading “Episode 4: Gregor Suttie”

Episode 3: Lesley Crook

When not larking about on Teams, Lesley Crook is a Microsoft MVP for Yammer working as a Teams Adoption Consultant for Symity. Lesley blogs on LinkedIn and can be found on Twitter where she writes and shares all things Yammer and Teams with a clear focus on collaboration, training and change management. Her background isContinue reading “Episode 3: Lesley Crook”

Episode 2: Steve Goodman

When not leaning nonchalantly against windowless ruins, Steve Goodman is a Microsoft MVP for Office Apps & Services who works as an Architect at Content & Cloud. He has written numerous books, was a founder of the Microsoft Cloud User Group (MSCUG), runs the All About 365 podcast with Jay & Steve, is a long-timeContinue reading “Episode 2: Steve Goodman”

Episode 1: Tom Arbuthnot

Our first ever podcast where we meet Tom Arbuthnot, Microsoft MVP and Principal Consultant at Modality Systems. When not posing for ‘Black & White Headshot’ magazine, Tom is a blogger and vlogger at http://www.tomtalks.blog, runs the Microsoft Unified Communications User Group (MUCUGL) in London, contributes to a huge array of publications, blogs and podcasts, and isContinue reading “Episode 1: Tom Arbuthnot”