About Will Rowe

That’s me making a difference

I help people working in IT get better jobs.

“Messenger of Opportunity.” “Architect of Destiny.” Author of a #1 bestselling pamphlet book… I’ve been called many things, often to my face. I’m ok with that.

I’ve been working as an IT Recruiter for 21 years, and have spent the past 17 of them in the Microsoft tech space, way before it was cool.

I still help employers find the top talent, and top talent find the top jobs on a daily basis. I place the people at the top of their game, and give advice to those on their way up (and often on the way down) I helped found the Kent Azure User Group in 2019, and have been speaking at various meetups up and down the country for the last 6 years.

Overall, I am deeply passionate about helping people find great jobs, and giving advice and guidance to the Microsoft community.

My sense of humour has been criticised roundly by most people I have met in this time: don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

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