Episode 3: Lesley Crook

When not larking about on Teams, Lesley Crook is a Microsoft MVP for Yammer working as a Viva Consultant for CloudWay.

Lesley blogs, is on LinkedIn and can be found on Twitter where she writes and shares all things Viva, Yammer and Teams with a clear focus on collaboration, training and change management. Her background is non-technical and she found herself in the Tech industry after falling in love with the Yammer product and nurturing its rollout to more than 50,000 users while at GSK.

With a Secretarial and Internal Comms background and now a User Adoption and Marcomms professional, Lesley has interesting insights on what it takes to reinvent your career, including putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, sharing your work by Working Out Loud and trying a Growth Mindset.

You can listen to this episode here or through your favourite podcast platform. We are live on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes (this sometimes takes a while!) and many more!!

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