Episode 6: Angela Bos

When not having issues with the size of furniture in IKEA, Angela Bos is a Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, and comes from a tech background working as a Presales Consultant and Technical Specialist in the Microsoft Unified Communications space. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Angela is a champion for Diversity & Inclusion in the tech scene and is the Women in Technology lead on the Women@Microsoft UK board, she speaks globally on a range of subjects and was nominated for a CRN Women in Channel Award 2020. Angela is also part of TechHer and if anyone wants to learn more about TechHer, follow the link above and join the community on LinkedIn!

In this episode, Angela shares her story and gives some fascinating insights into a ‘Squiggly’ Career Path, the importance of community and Personal Brand in career development, and discusses some options for increasing the candidate pool of diverse applicants.

You can hear the podcast here, or on your favourite Podcast App – just search for Careering Out of Control on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and many more!!

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