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Latest Episodes

Episode 11: John Lunn

When not pondering how to raise his other eyebrow, John Lunn is a Microsoft MVP currently working in the Microsoft Azure space. He blogs, vlogs, tweets, tiktoks and twitches at JonnyChipz about all things Azure and has also founded the Welsh Azure User group. Today, John talks with us about his career to date, howContinue reading “Episode 11: John Lunn”

Episode 10: Megan V Walker MVP

When not stopping random strangers in the middle of the Peak District for directions, Megan V Walker is a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications. She has a background in Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform suite, and is a Consultant working for herself in this space. She co-hosts the UP Podcast where she discusses allContinue reading “Episode 10: Megan V Walker MVP”

Episode 9: Peter Rising

When not demonstrating the perfect angle to hold your shiny new MVP Award, Peter Rising works as a Principal Consultant with a focus on M365 Security & Compliance at Softcat. Peter is a blogger, an author of 2 books, he writes for Practical365, and can be found on Twitter & LinkedIn. In this episode PeterContinue reading “Episode 9: Peter Rising”