Episode 1: Tom Arbuthnot

Our first ever podcast where we meet Tom Arbuthnot, Microsoft MVP and Principal Consultant at Modality Systems.

When not posing for ‘Black & White Headshot’ magazine, Tom is a blogger and vlogger at www.tomtalks.blog, runs the Microsoft Unified Communications User Group (MUCUGL) in London, contributes to a huge array of publications, blogs and podcasts, and is a Principal Consultant at Modality Systems.

He has a focus on Microsoft Teams and Unified Communications, and his advice involves building a mindset for training and change, identifying at what point to specialise and to also become less specialist, and that a solid presence on LinkedIn and social media is a great way to help develop your career.

We hope you enjoy it – you can listen to it here and it can also be found on:

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Let me know what you think!

Why this podcast, and why now?

I have spent the past 20+ years or so giving out career advice and CV know how, sharing knowledge how to build a personal brand, and generally helping out as much as I can.


The world of recruitment has changed, a lot of people haven’t changed with it and getting a job is kind of important I think. I even wrote a book on it that you can find on Amazon.


I feel that what is needed now is a resource that will allow anyone who listens to take away advice and ideas on how to level up their career and hopefully take control of the next stage in their working lives.

I will be interviewing anyone who I feel has an interesting take on their career, initially from the Microsoft technical world and potentially moving into a broader spectrum of roles, all with a tech focus.

Regardless of technical background, what has become apparent over the years is that there are similarities between what people who move their careers forward do, and I have put them into five categories that I’ll be speaking about:

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Decide how to get there
  3. Go the extra mile to achieve this
  4. Find your tribe / people
  5. Show your experience

I’ll be seeing which of these the people I speak to have worked with, I’ll go into more detail on this during the podcast 🙂

I hope you enjoy the shows, and please do share them when you get the chance…