Episode 1: Tom Arbuthnot

Our first ever podcast where we meet Tom Arbuthnot, Microsoft MVP and Principal Consultant at Modality Systems.

When not posing for ‘Black & White Headshot’ magazine, Tom is a blogger and vlogger at www.tomtalks.blog, runs the Microsoft Unified Communications User Group (MUCUGL) in London, contributes to a huge array of publications, blogs and podcasts, and is a Principal Consultant at Modality Systems.

He has a focus on Microsoft Teams and Unified Communications, and his advice involves building a mindset for training and change, identifying at what point to specialise and to also become less specialist, and that a solid presence on LinkedIn and social media is a great way to help develop your career.

We hope you enjoy it – you can listen to it here and it can also be found on:

✔ Spotify
✔ iTunes
✔ Anchor
✔ Google Podcasts
✔ Breaker
✔ Pocket Casts
✔ RadioPublic


Let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Episode 1: Tom Arbuthnot

    1. Hi Kazim

      It is available on spotify, anchor, breaker, google podcasts, pocket casts & radio public, and I’m just working to get it on iTunes as well…

      Hope this helps!


  1. Perfect..! this podcast will make many people re think their career .. one of the interesting bit from Tom was not being keen to take on task of being a people manager and tbh many many other folks will identify with this .. and i have seen some of these folks being amazing individual contributor …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree – it is a totally different career path and I think it is important to decide what you really want to do as staying technical does not mean that you cannot progress…


  2. Congrats on the first podcast! Really enjoyed listening and never thought my career path would be similar to Tom. However totally agree with not being comfortable managing people as the admin side a distraction as much prefer being part of a great team and giving 110% in role. Also display courage, curiosity and flexibility to think outside the box, try new things and experiment without being specifically asked to do so. Learn from failure and try a Growth Mindset throughout your life (;o)


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